Artisan Remodeling LLC is located in Madison, Wisconsin.

At Artisan Remodeling we specialize in creative and innovative home remodeling. We are a design build firm dedicated to helping our customers make the most of their construction goals. Clients come to us with a general idea of what they want and we craft that into a real plan of action. From basic design down to the minute details, we can create your dream space. Our process is very straight forward and transparent every step of the way.
Whether your project is a kitchen remodel, bathroom remodel, basement finish, living space renovation, or an entire home renovation our goal on each project is to design and create a comfortable and unique environment. With over 15 years of experience we have the ability to handle any home remodeling project. You can count on us to stay within your budget and get the job done in a timely manner without sacrificing the quality or character of your home renovation.

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Artisan Remodeling Testimonials

"I was confident Artisan Remodeling would do a great job on my kitchen, dining room, living room remodel but Mike's work surpassed my expectations. It makes me happy every time I enter the space. My Mom, brother and sister-in-law were my first guests in my new rooms. They came for lunch on Mother's Day, they were soooooo impressed." RE— home remodeling client

"When we started looking for someone to hire for a complete kitchen and attic remodel for our 118 year old Victorian home we knew that we were going be very particular and careful with our selection. These homes can have a number of hidden problems as you go through the project and cost can spiral out of control. We met Mike and team from Artisan Remodeling and spent 2 hours talking in our initial visit and we knew in that time we had found exactly the person we would trust our remodel to. He took every effort and put the amount of time in all planning so there weren't any major surprises and for that matter additional costs. When you are completing gutting a kitchen and attic in a house this old you expect the project to always take longer and go significantly over budget, but I am happy to say neither of those things happened with Mike. He and the team were simply amazing, always willing to got the extra mile to make sure we were happy and completely blew away our expectations. In fact, we have been so happy that we have had them do 3 additional projects and know we have a few more in mind for the near future that he will be doing for us."

JS—home remodeling client

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